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    Miqobot is fixed for Patch 5.18!

    Download Miqobot

    All active license codes are extended with bonus time.
    Thank you for your patience and unceasing support!


    Run As Administrator

    Due to changes in the game installation process, the client is now always elevated by the game launcher. In order to connect to the game correctly, Miqobot requires additional privileges granted by Administrator account. She will attempt to enable them herself, but they must exist in the first place. This is possible only if Miqobot is running as Administrator.

    Therefore from now on, Miqobot must always be Run as Administrator.
    Please refer to our Help section for detailed guidelines on how to activate this mode: Run as Administrator

    EDIT: A new solution has been implemented in Miqobot v1.3.31.
    Administrator privileges are no longer required, unless your game client has been explicitly elevated by the launcher during the installation process. Please read about Miqobot v1.3.31 for details.

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    A reminder about antiviruses.

    Since this is a new version of Miqobot, it may be flagged by your antivirus as False Positive because its signatute is not yet known. As it is stated in our FAQ section, Miqobot is not a virus but antiviruses are usually trained to sic at anything that tries to interact with other programs. Miqobot will make no attempt to fight your antivirus.

    Please remember to whitelist your Miqobot application after download. Thank you!


    Miqobot v1.3.30 – Patch Notes

    The next major upgrade is still in development, but this version contains several minor improvements.

    • New mounts are supported.
    • The Firmament zone is supported.


    • Fixed a rare issue, wherein Assist Mode would stop working if the Cast Bar remained active after being interrupted by a cutscene.
    • Fixed an issue with Ninja rotation, wherein Suiton would not be performed when TCJ is available on hotbar.
    • Fixed an issue with Astrologian rotation, wherein Lord of Crowns and Lady of Crowns would be triggered immediately as soon as they appear on hotbar.


    • Stealth is fully replaced with Sneak in all UI elements.
    • Toil, Clear Out of Reach, and Elemental Wards are removed from Rotation Designer.
    • Twelve’s Bounty is added to Rotation Designer.


    • Function deliverCollectables() supports Ishgard Restoration.
    • When Collect and Ignore Quality settings are enabled at the same time, a confirmation warning will be displayed.

    Miqobot v1.3.31 – Patch Notes

    Download Miqobot

    Note: This version does not contain any critical updates.
    It will not trigger the “New version available” message.

    If you have no issues with Miqobot v1.3.30 running as Administrator and don’t need the Starlight Minigame support, you don’t have to download this version.

    Fixed Issues

    An alternative solution for game interaction is implemented.
    Mioqbot no longer requires Administrator privileges to connect to the game client.

    However, we haven’t been able to test the new solution on all possble Windows installations, therefore we can not guarantee that it will work for everyone. Please keep an eye on the message log in case this issue occurs again.

    Starlight 2019 Minigame is supported

    New scenario functions are implemented.
    Full documentation is available directly in Miqobot. Press ? button to open it.

    1. npcStarlight() – Perform the starlight rhythm minigame at the closest NPC.
    2. setStarlightReward() – Set reward pattern for the starlight rhythm minigame. Default is 3.
    3. setStarlightAim() – Set performance aim for the starlight rhythm minigame. Default is great.
    4. npcQuestStart() – Accept a quest from the closest NPC.
    5. npcQuestComplete() – Complete a quest at the closest NPC.

    Note: This is a bonus update for the ongoing Starlight Celebration event.
    New scenario functions allow farming the starlight minigame for unique housing rewards.

    The algorithm is by no means perfect and may accidentally miss some of the rhythm diamonds, but since the event is time limited we don’t think that perfection is required. In addition, performance aim is slightly randomized and additional settings allow you to control the randomization factor.

    • critical – Miqobot will try to align input perfectly with each diamond.
    • great – Miqobot will randomize input by hitting diamonds at Great or Critical.
    • good – Miqobot will randomize input by hitting diamonds at Good, Great, or Critical.

    Please be careful and try not to interrupt Miqobot’s performance with your own input, otherwise the inner pattern tracker may get out of sync and fail to complete the minigame.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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