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    What Monitor Is For


    Monitor shows you the data that Miqobot uses to interact with your character. This data is taken directly from the game.
    When you ecounter a bug, this is the second place you should go looking for help (the first one would be the Output Area).
    By looking at the values you can easily tell whether Miqobot works correctly or something is broken.

    Other than for debug purposes, this tab has no other meaning.

    Except for Attach To button.

    Attach To


    Allows you to easily switch between game instances.
    Most of the time, Miqobot will successfully attach to the game as soon as it’s running. You will need this button only if you like playing several characters at the same time.

    Also, this button will tell you if an error happened when trying to attach.

    • (DirectX 9 not supported yet): Indicates that you have launched a DX9 version of the game, which is not supported.
    • (Run as Administrator): Indicates that Miqobot could not connect to the game because of insufficient privileges. It usually happens after you download a new patch, since installation process elevates both launcher and the game.
      Tip: In order to run Miqobot as Administrator, open context menu of EXE-file with Right Mouse Button and select Run as Administrator.
      Tip: If you encounter this issue often, you might want to set this mode as default. Open context menu, select Properties, click Compatibility tab, select Run This Program As An Administrator checkbox, and press OK. From now on, Miqobot will always Run as Admin. (Note: You will have to re-enable this option each time a new version of Miqobot is released).


    Multibox Support

    In Miqobot v1.2.4 an ability to run multiple instances of Miqobot has been added.

    This feature requires purchase of at least one license code.

    After you input your code on Catnip tab, this restriction is lifted, and you can launch another instance.
    If you have multiple license codes, you can run multiple instances of Miqobot. For your convenience, every new instance will encrypt its code in a separate catnip.license file. This way, they won’t interfere with each other.

    A short test drive is possible with a single license code.
    You can use the same code for all instances, but they will be disabled automatically after 5 minutes. Please use this mode to see whether multibox works for you, before you buy another code.

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    Multibox Support has been added in Miqobot v1.2.4.
    A new section is added to this guide.

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