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    New Features

    • Help button works now!
    • Sharing Presets is implemented.
    • Assist Mode for Gathering has been implemented.
    • Collectable Synthesis has been implemented.
    • New mounts from patch 3.2 have been added.

    Help button will take you directly to Help section. It’s context-sensitive, meaning it will open the exact guide for the currently active tab in Miqobot.

    You can read more about new features here:

    Fixed Issues

    • An issue wherein no scroller would appear in dropdown list during navigation grid selection.
    • An issue wherein Crafting AI would accidentally hit a wrong macro key.
    • An issue wherein Gathering AI would randomly backtrack to a previously visited Beacon waypoint.
      Beacons are described here: Gathering Help. More improvements are under research.

    Minor Changes

    • 3D Radar has been optimized in anticipation of large navigation grids covering the whole maps for FATE Grinding (600+ waypoints).
    • Advanced settings have been added. You can adjust stealth-in and stealth-out distance for Auto-Stealth directly in settings.miqo.
    • Instead of settings.json there are now two files: settings.miqo and presets.miqo. Automatic converion from settings.json to a new format is implemented.

    If you want to know more about inner format of new settings files, please read here: General Help.
    If you want to know more about advanced settings for Auto-Stealth, please read here: Navigation.


    Love the availability of forum now and patch notes! I hope to be seeing a lot of good stuff here soon.



    Whoa! great job with all those guides guys. Gonna check the new share thing tomorrow!



    Awesome work, glad to have share & forums! Ditto on the notes!

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