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    Ah okay, thanks for the info.

    I only started playing FFXIV after Shadowbringers, so this will be my first expansion 🙂



    What conditions are required for Miqo to use Earthly Star and its follow up skill. I have it macrod to my hotbar like this

    /micon "Earthly Star"
    /merror off
    /ac "Earthly Star" <t>
    /ac "Earthly Star" <me>

    but I do not think I have ever seen Miqo use it.

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 10 months ago by  Ray.

    If you wish to allow Miqobot to use Earthly Star, you have to activate this feature directly in Miqobot settings file:

    • assistallowearthlystar.
      When playing AST, allow Earthly Star usage. Requires placement macro setup.

    You can find tips on how to edit the settings file in the Assist Mode guide:
    Assist Mode – Settings

    This complication is implemented because Miqobot is not capable of predicting the correct placement of Earthly Star. She places it under the main enemy target and triggers it 10 seconds later. But depending on the circumstances, this may be a wrong decision up to a point of completely wasting the ability effect.
    If you understand this and still wish for Miqobot to use Earthly Star, then please activate this setting manually as explained above.

Viewing 3 posts - 1,141 through 1,143 (of 1,143 total)

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