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    This thread describes improvements for Gathering AI.

    Gather by Name

    It will be possible to make Miqobot gather the exact items from the gathering node, not just blindly hit a specific slot. Miqobot will recognize the items names and will choose the correct slot automatically. You will be able to input several names, and she will make decisions based on the current layout of the node.

    It will solve several problems at once:

    1. Give the ability to collect Hidden Items, which appear in random slots.
    2. Solve a problem with items shifting up and down (crystals inĀ Lv30 nodes).
    3. Allow to correctly gather Ephemeral nodes when they spawn (Ephemerals have a completely different slot layout from their neighbours).
    4. Will never miss a daily Timeworn Map (and you will be able to collect only the map you need the most, not a random low level map).

    When rotations are implemented, you will be able to assign a rotation to all items at once or to each item separately. And Miqobot will apply a skill rotation only when an item is present in the node. If there’s no wanted item, she won’t waste any GP.

    This feature will also apply to Unspoiled nodes (where slots areĀ covered).

    Gathering Rotations Designer

    The current beta implementation of gathering skills is flawed in many ways. It will be replaced by a fully featured Rotations Designer.

    It will allow you to:

    1. Create a true skill sequence that will not depend on your keybinds. Miqobot will find the necessary icons on your hotbar by herself (read Keybinds and Icons Recognition).
    2. Make a sharable version of skill rotations. Since they are not bound to your keybinds, they will work for any player.
    3. Design Appraisal rotations with conditions support. The first conditional skill will be Intuitive Appraisal (randomly applies Discerning Eye buff). Based on the feedback we may add other conditions.
    4. Apply a rotation at the correct step, not only in the beginning (for example, when gathering Clusters in Mor Dhona, Ward skills are inactive until you uncover the slot).
    5. Calculate the GP necessary for a full rotation and apply it only when it’s guaranteed to be completed.

    Miqobot will also be able to make decisions based on the number of attempts left on the current node (including bonus attempts available).

    Gathering Rotation Solver

    This feature is still under research. We plan to implement a Crafting Solver first.

    More details will be revealed later.

    Advanced Scenarios

    With the release of Scenario Scripting, it will be possible to link Unspoiled nodes into a timed sequence of teleports and gathering.

    At first, we plan to add three scenario types:

    • Blue/Red Scrip Scenarios.
    • Aethersand Farm Scenarios.
    • Favor Farm Scenarios (will require an additional twist in Gathering AI to make it focus on depleting nodes fast).

    You will be able to design your own scenarios and share them with the community.


    Gather by Name is implemented and planned for release in Miqobot v1.2.4.

    • Miqobot v1.2.654: Veteran Trade by Name is implemented.
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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