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    Download Miqobot

    Miqobot v1.2.65

    1. Swimming Navigation
    2. Mount Speed
    3. Fishing
    4. Spearfishing
    5. Gathering
    6. Crafting Math
    7. Ingenuity Math
    8. Crafting Condition Rates
    9. Crafting Actions
    10. Cross Class Actions for 70***
    11. Other Crafting Improvements
    12. Shirogane Support and Patch 4.1

    Miqobot v1.2.651 – Fixed Issues

    • An issue wherein Miqobot would dismount immediately after mounting under certain network conditions.

    Miqobot v1.2.652

    • Spearfishing: Settings for gig head selection are implemented.
    • Spearfishing: Separate gig heads for Teeming Waters and Swimming Shadows are supported.
    • Crafting Solver: Math is adjusted to allow Master’s Mend at the start of Maker’s Mark phase. This improves average HQ rate by 12.6%.
    • Crafting Solver: Implemented a warning when none of basic progress abilities are available on hotbar (which would make synthesis mathematically impossible).
    • Crafting Solver: Fixed a crash occuring with certain combination of CPU Intensive abilities.
    • Crafting Solver: Fixed an issue wherein solver would recommend Nothing on poor material condition and certain buff combination.
    • New functions for Scenario Engine are implemented:
      1. changeGig() – Equip new gig for spearfishing.
      2. deliverCollectables() – Deliver collectables to the closest NPC.
      3. addGatherRotationIfGP() – Add gathering rotation to GP-based selector.
      4. repeatChapterFor() – Repeat current chapter for amount of time.
      5. repeatChapterUntil() – Repeat current chapter until specified time.
      6. koCheckpoint() – Set the current chapter and line as KO checkpoint.
      7. koSetCatchUp() – Mark the current chapter as catch-up chapter.
      8. koResetCatchUp() – Forget the previously marked catch-up chapter.
    • General: Japanese Locale support is implemented.
    • General: Fixed a total of 24 Unicode-related issues.
    • Fixed: An issue wherein aetherialReduct() function would crash under certain conditions.
    • Fixed: An issue wherein teleportNpc() function would result in error under certain conditions.
    • Fixed: An issue wherein scenario editor would not be disabled when scenario engine was active.
    • Fixed: An issue wherein fishing ability Patience II would not be activated when Patience I was not present on hotbar.
    • Implemented additional measures to recover from certain issues during Chocobo Racing registration.
    • Readability of several log messages is improved.

    Miqobot v1.2.653

    • Upgrade for Patch 4.2 – Rise of a New Sun.

    Miqobot v1.2.654

    • Upgrade for Patch 4.3 – Under the Moonlight.
    • Spearfishing: Veteran Trade by Name is implemented.
    • Spearfishing: Collect setting is available on UI and can be used in gathering presets.
    • Crafting Solver: Ingenuity formula has been reimplemented for better compatibility with 70** and 70*** recipes.
    • Crafting Solver: Maker’s Mark formula has been adjusted.
    • Chocobo Racing: Duty Finder registration is implemented. Race class setting is removed.
    • 3D Editor: Fixed an issue wherein a new waypoint would sometimes be generated in unexpected position.
    • Other: New mounts are supported.
    • Other: New aetheryte is supported.

    Stormblood Upgrade Stage 2


    Swimming Navigation

    Miqobot recognizes 4 new navigation states, which are introduced by Stormblood expansion:

    1. Swimming – When character is floating on water surface (2D).
    2. Underwater – When character is diving and moving freely (3D).
    3. Transition – When character is locked in a transfer screen between the previous two.
    4. Hovering – When character is flying slightly above ground or water. Interacting with an NPC or object in this position triggers automatic dismount.

    Certain adjustments were made to 3D Editor and navigation algorithms.
    Miqobot is compatible with all previously created navigation grids. During development compatibility was set as the most important factor.

    • 3D Editor will correctly distinguish between “foot” and “fly” waypoints when underwater.
    • When swimming, Miqobot will detect underwater pathways and dive when needed.
    • When underwater, Miqobot will consider sprint, stealth, and mount conditions.
    • During transition, Miqobot will not consider being stuck and will prevent weird jumps immediately after transition.
    • When moving vertically underwater, Miqobot will use Jump and Descend actions whenever necessary.
      (Note: Please make sure you have keybinds assigned to these actions.)
    • When moving vertically from air into water, Miqobot will correctly handle all intermediate actions (drop, dive, descend). She will also try to avoid accidental dismounts.
    • Miqobot will be able to use underwater gates to move in / out of towns.
    • Miqobot will keep track of target objects and approach them as necessary, considering both distance and elevation.

    Mount Speed

    Stormblood has introduced a new system which allows you to increase travel speed on the ground.
    Miqobot will correctly identify the speed stage unlocked for the current location and will adjust navigation accordingly.

    Here is the list of navigation patterns and speed values for each of them.
    Speed is given in world units (which are displayed on Monitor tab).

    Walk 2.4
    Stealth 2.4
    Sprint Stealth 3.1
    Swim 5.0
    Run 6.0
    Sprint Swim 6.5
    Sprint Run 7.8
    Ascend / Descend 9.0
    Mount (Stage 0) 9.0
    Mount (Stage 1) 12.0
    Mount (Stage 2) 15.0
    Fly 20.0
    Underwater 20.0


    Cordials in Stormblood can be used without interrupting the fishing session, and Miqobot utilizes this feature to improve her fishing performance.
    Miqobot attempts to optimize cordials cooldown by using it immediately after heavy GP actions, such as Patience and Patience II, in order to maximize the number of Powerful and Precision hooks.

    New fishing actions are supported:

    1. Mooch II. Allows mooching with non-HQ fish.
    2. Double Hook. Increases fish yield.

    Initial AI utilizes these skills whenever they become available.
    Improved AI will be able to plan their usage according to advanced settings.

    • With Mooch II you will be able to target a specific fish and ignore others. As this ability has a 3 minute cooldown, it is most useful to preserve long mooch sequences.
    • Alternatively, you can instruct Miqobot to wait for Mooch II to recharge when a non-HQ fish is hooked.
    • (Improved AI is scheduled for release in Upgrade Stage 3.)

    A recent discussion on Precision Hookset mentioned that in Stormblood it can be used on some fish with medium tug.
    Discussion #1
    Discussion #2
    However Patch 4.05 announced that it was a game bug, and tug animation for this fish has been fixed.
    Patch 4.05 Notes

    Therefore, Precision Hookset usage in Miqobot remains unchanged.



    This activity is very similar to gathering but with a different nodes behaviour.
    Just like in normal gathering, Miqobot will navigate between teeming waters, interact with them, and use Gig at exactly the right moment.

    All you have to do is provide a navigation grid and put the required skills on your hotbar. And Miqobot will do the rest.
    Spearfishing AI uses the same concept of senses as Gathering AI. As they appear in Miqobot settings:

    1. “Use Compass” refers to Shark Eye.
    2. “Use Compass II” refers to Shark Eye II.
    3. “Use Truth” refers to Truth of Oceans.

    There will be no rotations in Spearfishing.
    However, Miqobot will be able to utilize some Spearfishing actions to affect the catch.

    – Veteran Trade may be used with reference to undesired fish names.
    – Calm Waters, Bountiful Catch, and Nature’s Bounty may be used after Veteran Trade on the same node, in order to improve yield or size of preferable fish.
    – (Spearfishing abilities support is scheduled for release in Upgrade Stage 3.)

    In addition, special scenario functions will allow you to change gig heads and switch presets on the fly.
    – (Spearfishing scenario support is scheduled for release in Upgrade Stage 3.)



    In addition to full support for underwater gathering, Miqobot is now able to use new Stormblood abilities.
    Essentially they are direct upgrades from their Heavensward counterparts, since they cost the same amount of GP but result in improved performance.

    No modifications to gathering rotations are required.
    New skills are 100% compatible with the current rotations designer. Whenever Miqobot detects an upgraded ability on your hotbar, she will automatically use it instead of an old one.

    • Impulsive Appraisal II is used instead of Impulsive Appraisal.
    • Unearth III is used instead of Unearth II.
    • Leaf Turn III is used instead of Leaf Turn II.
    • Bountiful Yield II is used instead of Bountiful Yield.
    • Bountiful Harvest II is used instead of Bountiful Harvest.

    Crafting Math

    Stormblood has significantly changed the crafting formulae for progress and quality.

    Changes concern only cases when recipe level is above crafter level.
    Unfortunately this includes all endgame recipes: 70*, 70**, 70***, and 70****.

    While crafter level is capped at 70, recipe level keeps growing with each new star added.
    (These are approximate values but they are very close.)

    • 1st star = +10 levels
    • 2nd star = +20 levels
    • 3rd star = +30 levels
    • 4th star = +40 levels

    Level modifications are combined together for each star. So when you’re crafting a 4-star recipe, in fact you’re crafting a recipe of +100 levels above yours.

    Before Stormblood, it affected progress mostly. Quality efficiency received very little penalty.
    After Stormblood, it has been turned upside down. On average, progress efficiency is increased by +30%, and quality efficiency is decreased by -60%. Progress is still affected by level penalty, but not as much.
    As a result, crafting HQ items above your level is much harder than it was before.

    In order to perform correctly, Crafting Solver must know exact formulas used by the game.
    Unfortunately they can not be found anywhere in the game client, since all math is evaluated server side. The only way to find them is to collect many data samples at different levels with different stats, and then use clustering and regression methods to deduce the formulas.

    Over the past months, we have collected about 500,000 samples of data and managed to reach a rather accurate representation of crafting math.
    The formulae itself is omitted in this article, but you can see it in Miqobot on monitor tab.

    This is how progress and quality are affected by level difference.

    Level Diff Progress Efficiency Quality Efficiency
    0 100% 100%
    +1 97% 95%
    +2 94% 90%
    +3 91% 85%
    +4 89% 80%
    +5 87% 75%
    +10 75% 50%
    +30 74% 50%
    +60 73% 50%
    +100 72% 50%
    -1 105% 100%
    -2 110% 100%
    -3 115% 100%
    -4 120% 100%
    -5 125% 100%
    -10 136% 100%
    -15 146% 100%
    -20 150% 100%
    -80 154% 100%
    -100 155% 100%

    In addition to this, quality is also affected by recipe level itself.
    Each level tier introduces a 1% penalty (with a few exceptions).

    Recipe Level Quality Efficiency
    0-50 100%
    50* 98%
    50** 98%
    50*** 97%
    50**** 97%
    51-60 96%
    60* 95%
    60** 94%
    60*** 93%
    60**** 92%
    61-70 92%
    70* 91%
    70** 90%
    70*** 89%

    In this light, Ingenuity functions like a second Great Strides and becomes an imperative ability to succeed on 70-stars.
    That’s why in addition to all Stormblood skills we had to design an extra module that is now responsible for Ingenuity calculations.


    Ingenuity Math

    According to skill description, Ingenuity lowers recipe level, but it does not say how much.
    Neither does it mention the fact that crafting math is based on hidden recipe level, which is not visible anywhere in Crafting Log. Hidden level is a property of recipe just like item level is a property of gear. They are very close but do not match.

    We would like to share the data we’ve collected during our research.

    Values are exclusively tabular, there is no general formula that could describe dependencies between them.
    For the sake of clarity we shall omit certain exceptions, but keep in mind that some recipes may match by their recipe level but differ by hidden level. Miqobot keeps a full database of hidden levels and is able to identify them correctly.

    Recipe Level Hidden Level Ingenuity Ingenuity II
    10 10 5 3
    20 20 15 13
    30 30 25 23
    40 40 36 33
    45 45 40 38
    50 50 45 42
    50* 55 50 47
    50** 70 51 48
    50*** 90 58 56
    50**** 110 59 57
    51 120 100 99
    52 125 102 101
    53 130 110 109
    54 133 111 110
    55 136 112 111
    56 139 124 123
    57 142 130 129
    58 145 135 133
    59 148 139 136
    60 150 140 139
    60* 160 151 150
    60** 180 152 151
    60*** 210 153 152
    60**** 250 154 153
    61 260 240 239
    62 265 242 241
    63 270 250 249
    64 273 251 250
    65 276 252 251
    66 279 264 263
    67 282 270 269
    68 285 275 273
    69 288 279 276
    70 290 280 279
    70* 300 291 290
    70** 320 292 291
    70*** 350 294 293

    Crafting Condition Rates

    As Crafting Solver calculates all possible states and outcomes during synthesis, knowing exact rates at which one may encounter each condition is of vital importance.
    Furthermore, Quality Assurance trait acquired at level 63 claims to alter these rates, but doesn’t say by how much.

    Just like in Heavensward, we use the data we collected ourselves and apply certain filters to weed out unreliable samples. From all possible step transitions we consider only the ones that are Normal condition to something else.

    • Normal -> Normal
    • Normal -> Good
    • Normal -> Excellent

    The results are as follows:

    Recipe Level Without QA With QA
    Normal Good Excellent Normal Good Excellent
    1 – 54 73% 25% 2% 71% 27% 2%
    55 – 59 83% 15% 2% 81% 17% 2%
    60 – 60**** 89% 10% 1% 88% 11% 1%
    61 – 64 78% 20% 2% 76% 22% 2%
    65 – 70 83% 15% 2% 81% 17% 2%
    70* – 70*** 89% 10% 1% 88% 11% 1%

    As you can see, Quality Assurance increases rate of Good condition by 2% on non-star recipes and by 1% on star recipes. Also, it does not change rate of Excellent at all.

    So what does it mean when compared to pre-Stormblood rates?
    (You can read our previous analysis here: Heavensward Condition Rates.)

    The good news is that Whistle system finally becomes useful, albeit only for lower 60+ level range. As we approach endgame 70-stars, value of Whistle drops significantly once again.

    Before we reveal data on Whistle, we have to mention another important change arrived in Stormblood – Trained Hand.
    CP cost of Trained Hand was reduced from 32 to 16 and it no longer requires Steady Hand. Because of faster IQ stack growth made available by Patient Touch, the optimal Whistle rotation now includes 2 usages of Trained Hand:

    1. During normal IQ stack growth, whenever it meets Whistle.
    2. After IQ reaches 11. At this point you can reapply Whistle and spam Trained Hand several times. Unfortunately by this time you will be struggling for CP so it’s very unlikely for this trick to be performed more than once.

    And of course, Trained Hand potency is negated by Maker’s Mark, since it leaves no extra space on progress bar.
    Maker’s Mark remains superior by a long shot.

    Recipe Level Whistle adds to average HQ rate
    Without MaMa With MaMa
    61 – 64 +14.9% +3.8%
    65 – 70 +12.0% +2.7%
    70* – 70*** +6.4% +0.29%

    There is one special case concerning combination of Whistle and Maker’s Mark.
    More details in the next article.


    Crafting Actions

    Miqobot is now capable of using all new Stormblood abilities.

    In this article, we analyze their respective mathematical value in comparison to their pre-Stormblood counterparts. With the help of Miqobot’s special analytic AI, we can calculate how much each action contributes to average HQ rate.

    Hasty Touch II (Lv. 61)

    Hasty Touch:                    29.6%
    Hasty Touch II:                 21.5%
    HT vs HT2:                      7.2%

    The values above say:
    – Hasty Touch contributes 29.6% to average HQ rate.
    – Hasty Touch II contributes 21.5% to average HQ rate.
    – If you drop HT and start using HT2 only, your average HQ rate will drop by 7.2%.

    New Hasty Touch II does not require a cross class slot, but old Hasty Touch is still better in performance.
    While it seems that 90% success rate is better than 80%, the extra cost of 5 CP makes a big difference. Considering that Steady Hand II must be present for both skills, HT costs 5 CP per step and HT2 costs 10 CP per step.
    Total CP consumption is doubled. Additional 10% rate is not enough to justify this change.

    Careful Synthesis III (Lv. 62)

    Careful Synthesis II:           19.4%
    Careful Synthesis III:          9.6%
    CS2 vs CS3:                     9.4%

    Once again, old Careful Synthesis II is twice better in performance that its Stormblood counterpart.
    If you don’t want your average HQ rate to drop by 9.4%, it is not recommended to dismiss CS2. At least not at level 62.

    Rapid Synthesis II (Lv. 63)

    (40 Dur) Rapid Synthesis:       13.5%
    (40 Dur) Rapid Synthesis II:    9.7%
    (40 Dur) RS2 vs RS:             0.7%
    (80 Dur) Rapid Synthesis:       18.9%
    (80 Dur) Rapid Synthesis II:    23.6%
    (80 Dur) RS2 vs RS:             4.2%

    This is where Stormblood abilities start to get interesting.
    When crafting 40 Durability recipes, RS2 does not contribute anything new and is inferior in performance.
    When crafting 80 Durability recipes, RS2 contributes additional 4.2% to average HQ rate and is superior in performance.

    So can you drop Rapid Synthesis for an extra cross class slot? Yes, you can.
    You will lose only about 4% and only on 40 Durability recipes.

    Patient Touch (Lv. 64)

    Patient Touch:                  41.5%
    Patient Touch vs HT2:           25.9%
    Patient Touch vs HT+HT2:        19.4%

    Now you can drop Hasty Touch and forget it ever existed.

    Patient Touch is an extremely aggressive skill.
    It can make half way through IQ stack in just 3 steps. And even the penalty of losing IQ is not very bad, because reusing Patient Touch after failure quickly compensates for the temporary loss.
    In addition, when your IQ stack is odd (3,5,7,9,11) the result of division is rounded up (3->2, 5->3, 7->4). This makes Patient Touch very useful at the beginning, because penalty is less severe.

    Let’s compare two similar scenarios.

    1. Steady Hand II -> Hasty Touch (x5).
    2. Steady Hand II -> Patient Touch (x5).

    As success rate is 80% in both cases, we should see one failure on average. Let’s assume it happens on 3rd Touch, where it’s rather bad for Patient Touch. It drops from IQ5 to IQ3 but then quickly builds up to IQ7.

    1. IQ stack = 4 (25 CP used).
    2. IQ stack = 7 (55 CP used).

    In order for Hasty Touch to catch up, it has to do 3 more successful steps which cost 30 Durability. Even if we use Manipulation II, it still takes 24 CP per 10 Durability. And don’t forget that it needs another Steady Hand II. And it can still fail.

    1. 25 + 25 + 24*3 = 122 CP used.
    2. 55 CP used.

    So with Patient Touch we saved 67 CP and avoided extra RNG.

    Manipulation II (Lv. 65)

    (40 Dur) Manipulation II:       26%
    (80 Dur) Manipulation II:       16.9%

    Not a lot to say, Manipulation II is a plain boost to HQ rate.
    It’s currently the best CP-to-Durability skill. It’s better than Waste Not II and imposes no restriction on what skills you can use. (Waste Not II dictated that you can’t stop to rebuff Steady Hand more than once and you had to ignore Tricks of the Trade.)

    The only inconvenience is that Manipulation adds a new layer of stacks, which means increased computation time for Miqobot.
    Fortunately, we have reimplemented several core algorithms and managed to optimize Crafting Solver more than 20 times. Now we can introduce new CPU intensive abilities and keep system load at bay.

    Prudent Touch (Lv. 66)

    Prudent Touch:                  12.2%
    Prudent vs Patient:             5.8%
    Prudent vs WN:                  3.1%
    Patient vs Prudent:             12.6%
    WN vs Prident:                  0.5%

    Prudent Touch is another great addition of Stormblood.
    It gets along with Patient Touch naturally, because Patient is good in the beginning of synthesis while Prudent gets better towards the end. So neither of them gets replaced.
    Also, it is much more efficient than Waste Not and replaces it completely, thus freeing another cross class slot.

    Focused Synthesis (Lv. 67)

    FS:                             0.09%
    FS + Observe Combo:             0.86%

    Useless without Observe combo.
    Useless with Observe combo.

    Focused Touch (Lv. 68)

    FT:                             0.05%
    FT + Observe Combo:             0.77%

    Useless without Observe combo.
    Useless with Observe combo.

    Initial Preparations (Lv. 69)

    Initial Preparations:           0%

    According to our measurements, Initial Preparations reduces CP consumption by 30% with trigger chance about 20%. It means on average we get a 6% reduction rate.
    In order for this skill to be useful on its own, you need a pool of 834+ CP. Otherwise, you invest more than you receive.

    Specialty: Reinforce, Refurbish, Reflect

    IP + Reinforce (25 Dur):        15.1%
    IP + Refurbish (65 CP):         12.4%
    IP + Reflect (3 IQ):            10.6%

    Initial Preparations is useful only when you’re a specialist.
    From the three specialty skills Reinforce is usually the most powerful, because 25 Durability has the potential to become 30 Durability if planned correctly (the last 5 Durability is considered a full step).

    Miqobot will evaluate all possible cases and will adapt to the situation.

    Maker’s Mark and Whistle

    Maker's Mark:                                26.6%
    Whistle:                                     6.4%
    Whistle (after Maker's Mark):                0.29%
    Whistle (during 60+ Maker's Mark stacks):    10.2%

    Maker’s Mark is an extremely useful tool at 70-star recipes.
    It can be combined with Piece by Piece to fill the progress bar almost to completion, and also retrieve used CP by utilizing several Comfort Zone cycles.

    Whistle system, on the other hand, is penalized by reduced condition rates at 70-stars. In addition, Maker’s Mark removes the opportunity to use Trained Hand which is the strongest skill Whistle system has to offer.

    But 2.5-star recipes give Whistle one extra usage.
    6377 difficulty results in 64 stacks of Maker’s Mark, which is enough to restore all CP spent on Piece by Piece. But we are still left with 40/70 Durability in the end.
    According to our research, the chance for condition to become Good is 10% (11% with Quality Assurance). It means that we encounter about 6-7 Good conditions over 60+ steps, which is just enough to bring the Whistle stack down and restore Durability with Nymeia’s Wheel.

    Whistle usage requires x13 CPU time in Miqobot.
    However we are planning to implement a separate algorithm for Whistle + Maker’s Mark combo at no CPU cost.
    (This is scheduled for release in Upgrade Stage 3.)

    Ingenuity I & II

    Crafter 61 -> Recipe 62:        6.7%
    Crafter 61 -> Recipe 64:        60.5%
    Crafter 62 -> Recipe 64:        43.3%
    Crafter 65 -> Recipe 68:        45.8%
    Crafter 70 -> Recipe 70**:      38.9%

    Ingenuity is literally the only way to remove quality penalty imposed by level difference, therefore it’s irreplacable when crafting recipes above your level.

    Which is better, Ingenuity I or II?
    If you take a look at the table from our previous article, you can see that values in third and fourth column are very similar. In terms of efficiency, it results in almost identical output. Sometimes Ingenuity II may be even worse than I, because of additional CP cost. And in most cases the difference is only by 1-2%.

    If you have one spare slot, choose Ingenuity I.
    If you have two spare slots, put both Ingenuity I & II on hotbar and let Miqobot decide.


    Cross Class Actions for 70***

    When we released Crafting Solver support for 60-stars, we posted our analysis on cross class abilities in order to determine which ones work best with Miqobot.
    (You can find it here: Crafting Solver for 60****)

    Just like then, we use our special analytic AI to obtain the most relevant and mathematically correct data.
    If crafting rotation would be 100% optimal, how much value would each action contribute?

    This is the answer for the newest Stormblood 70*** recipes:

    1. Ingenuity I or II:          38.9% to average HQ rate
    2. Byregot's Blessing:         33.3%
    3. Maker's Mark:               26.6%
    4. Flawless Synthesis:         - (required for Maker's Mark)
    5. Comfort Zone:               20.2%
    6. Piece by Piece:             13.0%
    7. Tricks of the Trade:        9.8%
    8. Steady Hand II:             6.5%
    9. Innovation:                 4.4%
    10. Reclaim:                   -
    Hasty Touch:                   2.0%
    Careful Synthesis II:          1.2%
    Rapid Synthesis:               1.3%
    Rumination:                    0.0014%
    Waste Not I:                   0.00072%
    Waste Not II:                  0%
    Manipulation I:                0%
    Careful Synthesis I:           0%
    Muscle Memory:                 0% (3.7% when no Maker's Mark)

    As you can see, the crafting system in Stormblood has reached an almost perfect balance.
    The most valuable cross class actions fit exactly into 10 available slots on any crafting job. When you reach level 70 you have to setup your skills only once, and no more swapping for Reclaim is required.

    We would like to mention Ingenuity one more time.
    In most cases, it is better to choose Ingenuity I over Ingenuity II due to lower CP cost. According to the table we posted earlier:

    • Crafter level 70 converts to hidden level 290.
    • Recipe level 70** converts to hidden level 320.
    • Ingenuity I lowers this level by 28.
    • Ingenuity II lowers this level by 29.

    Thus, Ingenuity II gives only a small additional boost which can not be justified by extra 8 CP.

    Also, please note that Reclaim works best with Hasty Touch, because it’s the only 0 CP action which does not increase progress and therefore can guarantee a failed synthesis. Starting from level 61, Miqobot will be able to use Hasty Touch II in combination with Reclaim, but in this case she must account for additional CP that is needed to fail the synthesis.

    • Reclaim is used when HQ rate is expected to be less than required.
    • Decision is taken at point of no return.
    • When using Hasty Touch, the point of no return is when the next skill will drop CP below 55.
    • When using Hasty Touch II, the point of no return is when the next skill will drop CP below 65-70 CP.
      (Depending on how many points of durability left.)

    So unless you absolutely need that extra 2.4% of HQ rate, we recommend to take Hasty Touch instead of Innovation.


    Other Crafting Improvements

    Several adjustments have been made to Crafting Solver which improve efficiency and reduce CPU load when using certain abilities.

    • Steady Hand I and II performance is optimized by 35%.
    • Waste Not I performance is optimized by 70%.
    • Waste Not II performance is optimized by 80%.
    • Manipulation I performance is optimized by 25%.
    • Manipulation II performance is optimized by 70%.
    • Ingenuity I and II performance is optimized by 35%.
    • Prudent Touch performance is optimized by 50%.

    Soul Crystal is now detected by Miqobot.
    She will identify whether you are a specialist regardless of what skills are put on hotbar. This way, you can change specialist attunement and do not have to worry about readjusting hotbar every time.

    Quests completion is now detected by Miqobot.
    She will identify whether you have acquired quest-related traits, such as Quality Assurance and Stroke of Genius, and adjust algorithms accordingly. Manipulation II is also verified for quest completion when building a synthesis solution map.

    Stroke of Genuis will be evaluated correctly and will not trigger recalculation on crafting step #2. Miqobot will always account for extra 15 CP given by this trait.


    Shirogane Support and Patch 4.1

    Long-awaited Shirogane housing has been made available in Patch 4.1, and Miqobot now fully supports all new areas.

    All house types are correctly identified and allowed for any kind of activity.
    Teleporting to Shirogane estate halls is also supported by Scenario Engine. Miqobot is able to navigate freely around your apartment, house, private chambers, or workshops.

    New “Sit on Ground” emote introduced in Patch 4.1 is now supported. It is considered equivalent to the old “Sit” emote.
    Both icons are correctly identified and used by Miqobot from hotbar.

    New mounts (8) added in Patch 4.1 are supported.
    New zones (10) added in Patch 4.1 are supported.
    New fish (12) added in Patch 4.1 is supported by Scenario Engine.


    Miqobot v1.2.65 is now being prepared for release.
    It will be available in a few hours.


    Miqobot v1.2.65 is released!

    Download Miqobot

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