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    Endwalker expansion arrives on Dec 3, 2021 1:00 a.m. (PST).
    Miqobot will be inevitably damaged and we will have to reimplement the broken parts from scratch. There is no technical way to prevent this.

    Rest assured, we are making all the necessary preparations to upgrade Miqobot for Endwalker as soon as possible.
    Due to the amount of changes introduced by the expansion, we expect at least two weeks of complete Miqobot downtime.

    All active license codes will be automatically extended with bonus time.
    The bonus time will be credited at the moment Miqobot comes to life again, and it will cover game maintenance and Miqobot maintenance both.

    A tentative roadmap is posted here:
    Endwalker Miqo Roadmap

    We will do our best to keep you informed on the status.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding!


    The recovery process is going smoothly and we have reached the 50% milestone.
    The ongoing congestion and extended login queues are, of course, slowing us down but not by much. We are proceeding in accordance with the previously announced roadmap.


    The recovery process has passed the 90% milestone.
    Miqobot will be revived within the next 48 hours.


    The recovery process is almost complete and we are now performing the final testing.
    Miqobot will be revived within the next 3 hours.


    Miqobot is alive!

    Download Miqobot

    All active license codes are extended with bonus time.
    Thank you for your patience and unceasing support!


    Please keep in mind that Miqobot was not tested with 81+ content and may perform unpredictably.

    Miqobot v1.3.45 – Patch Notes

    • Core upgrade for Endwalker expansion.
    • All new mounts (11) are supported.
    • All new aetherytes (18) are supported by Scenario Engine.
    • All new bait (10) and new fish (184) is supported by Scenario Engine.
    • New areas (8) are supported. Flying and swimming navigation should work without issues.
    • Weather in new areas is identified according to your Main Scenario progress.
    • Some new actions have been datamined and picked up by Miqobot’s adaptive algorithms.
      (For more details, please read the sections below.)

    The following features are compatible with the new game client:

    • Fishing. (81+ abilities are not supported.)
    • Gathering. (81+ abilities are not supported.)
    • Assist Mode. (Except new and revamped jobs.)
    • Squadron Dungeons.
    • Trust Dungeons.
    • Desynthesis.
    • Chocobo Racing.
    • MGP Minigames.
    • 3D Radar.
    • 3D Editor.
    • Scenario Engine.


    Basic functionality is upgraded for the new game client.
    New areas are supported. Large-sized fish is not identified, but this should have no impact on Miqobot’s behavior.

    New abilities are not supported.
    Angler’s Art is not detected and not utilized either.
    Setting “Release HQ” is now redundant and does nothing.


    Basic functionality is upgraded for the new game client.
    New areas are supported.

    Gatherer’s Boon actions were datamined.
    Miqobot’s adaptive algorithms picked them up automatically and use them as a replacement for old HQ actions.

    • Unearth -> Mountaineer’s Gift I.
    • Unearth II -> Mountaineer’s Gift II.
    • Leaf Turn -> Pioneer’s Gift I.
    • Leaf Turn II -> Pioneer’s Gift II.

    However, old icons are still displayed in the Gathering Rotations Editor. Certain outdated actions are still available in the editor as well.
    81+ abilities are not supported.
    These issues will be addressed in future updates.


    Completely broken.
    Spearfishing in Endwalker is a new game feature. It will have to be researched and reimplemented from scratch.

    Please do not expect it to arrive anytime soon. Spearfishing minigame involves precise timing which makes it a rather complex feature for implementation.
    Estimate is 3+ months at the very minimum.

    Crafting Solver

    Completely broken.
    Due to the stat squish, crafting math has been completely revamped. Miqobot’s internal formulae do not even remotely match the ingame data.
    As Miqobot can not calculate the correct outcome of any action, she can not create a reliable solution map.

    Please do not attempt to use Crafting Solver.
    It will fail and break your craft.
    Miqobot will give you a warning if you attempt to use it, albeit only once. You are free to experiment with the current algorithms, but it is unlikely you will find anything useful in them.

    We are already working on the necessary upgrades, but it will take some time before Miqobot adapts the new crafting math.
    We would strongly recommend to resort to Macro Crafting for the time being.
    Macro Crafting is enabled automatically when you disable Crafting Solver. (“Solver” -> “Use” checkbox.)

    Combat System

    First of all, please keep in mind that we did not have time to make any significant changes to job rotations implemented in the previous expansion.
    Miqobot behaves exactly the same as she did in Shadowbringers.

    However, the Combat system of Miqobot is based on special adaptive algorithms that are capable of self-adjustment to a certain extent.
    It allows them to recognize new input data and adapt to new conditions with minimal human intervention. There is still a lot of work to be done and a lot of issues that we will be working on during the next few weeks. But this flexibility has allowed us to do more than we expected in the initial release.

    New actions have been datamined and integrated into Miqobot application.
    Certain actions that represent direct upgrades have been picked up by the combat algorithms and fused with existing rotations. These include:

    – (WHM) Glare III
    – (WHM) Holy III
    – (SCH) Broil IV
    – (SCH) Art of War II
    – (AST) Astrodyne
    – (AST) Fall Malefic
    – (AST) Gravity II
    – (PLD) Expiacion
    – (PLD) Holy Sheltron
    – (WAR) Bloodwhetting
    – (GNB) Heart of Corundum
    – (MNK) Shadow of the Destroyer
    – (DRG) Draconian Fury
    – (DRG) Heavens’ Thrust
    – (DRG) Chaotic Spring
    – (SAM) Fuko
    – (BRD) Ladonsbite
    – (MCH) Scattergun
    – (RDM) Verthunder III
    – (RDM) Veraero III

    This allows Assist Mode to be useful on most jobs after level 82 and beyond, assuming you can handle the usage of level 90 abilities manually. For some jobs, it means clicking 2-3 buttons every minute for optimal performance. For others, Assist Mode may in fact be uncomfortable to use.
    Please keep in mind, however, that these additions were not tested because we do not have access to all jobs at levels 82+.

    Minor adjustments have been made to certain jobs:

    – (WHM) Thin Air is no longer used with Holy.
    – (SCH) Art of War has the same MP restrictions as other spells.
    – (AST) Diurnal Sect is assumed to be active by default.
    – (PLD) Confiteor is triggered at the last Requiescat stack.
    – (WAR) Surging Tempest is detected.
    – (DRK) Salted Earth no longer requires macro placement.
    – (MNK) Disciplined Fist is detected.
    – (DRG) Power Surge is detected.
    – (DRG) Blood of the Dragon is removed from trigger conditions.
    – (SAM) AoE rotation no longer requires single-target opener.
    – (DNC) Fixed an issue with single-target rotation in melee range.

    The following jobs are not supported:

    • Reaper.
      A new job. Performs a basic 1-2-3 combo and nothing else. Do not use with Assist Mode.
    • Sage.
      A new job. Casts a basic damage spell and a basic healing spell. Do not use with Assist Mode.
    • Summoner.
      A revamped job. Spams Ruin III and summons a carbuncle that functions as minion. Do not use with Assist Mode.
    • Monk.
      A revamped job. Performs a basic GCD rotation, but has major issues with oGCD actions. Beast Chakra is not detected. Do not use with Assist Mode.

    Basic actions allow these jobs to participate in Squadron and Trust Dungeons. But Assist Mode for them is completely broken.

    The following jobs are supported, although may have issues:

    • White Mage.
    • Scholar.
    • Astrologian.
    • Paladin.
    • Warrior.
    • Dark Knight.
    • Gunbreaker.
    • Dragoon.
    • Ninja.
    • Samurai.
    • Bard.
    • Machinist.
    • Dancer.
    • Black Mage.
    • Red Mage.

    Squadron and Trust Dungeons

    All dungeons that were implemented in Shadowbringers are supported.

    Quality-of-Life Updates

    • Advanced Settings -> Auto-Pause for Chat.

    A new setting is implemented that automatically pauses Miqobot when typing is detected.
    This allows entering the chat mode without resetting the ongoing activity.
    This feature was available for crafting only, now it is implemented for all features.

    Please note that Miqobot will not be able to identify if the chat mode was activated unintentionally (for example, due to a keybind conflict). If you leave Miqobot unattended while typing is active, it will halt the activity completely.

    Note: This is an advanced setting. In order to access Advanced Settings, please click the + button.
    Note: Certain critical sections of source code can not be paused. When Miqobot executes one of the critical sections, typing will be cancelled regardless of this setting.
    Note: Some features have internal timers and may break if paused. If you pause Miqobot for too long, it may trigger a kill switch and you will have to restart the application.

    • Reversed Axis Support.

    From now on, Miqobot automatically detects Reversed Y-axis and Reversed X-axis of your 3rd Person Camera settings.
    Navigation algorithms are adjusted accordingly.

    • Minor adjustments.
      – When under the effect of Transcendent invulnerability buff, Assist Mode is paused automatically.
      – (SCH) Excogitation is triggered more often when playing solo.
      – (SCH) Fixed an issue wherein pre-pull AoE shields could not be interrupted.
      – (DRG) Fixed an issue wherein True North would be triggered before level 50.
      – (SAM) Fixed an issue wherein positionals would be attempted before level 52.
      – Removed deprecated setting 3D Radar -> Out of Reach.
      – Removed outdated Diadem grid from default presets.
      – Fixed message log typos.

    As always, Miqobot is broken due to the arrival of Patch 6.05 and we are working to fix her as fast as possible.
    The changes are minor and should take only a few hours.


    Miqobot is fixed for Patch 6.05!

    Please restart your Miqobot for the changes to take effect.
    Thank you for your patience very much!


    As always, Miqobot is broken due to the arrival of Patch 6.08 and we are working to fix her as fast as possible.
    The changes are minor and should take only a few hours.


    Miqobot is fixed for Patch 6.08!

    Please restart your Miqobot for the changes to take effect.
    Thank you for your patience very much!


    Yes, we are from Ukraine.
    Yes, we are alive. For now.
    No, we are not safe. There is nowhere safe in our country right now.
    No, we can not and will not leave our country. This would be high treason.

    Yes, the development of Miqobot is completely halted. There is more important work for us to do.
    No, there will be no updates until the war is over. Please do not ask for ETAs, this is not for us to decide.
    No, we don’t have time to answer emails or forum questions. We are very sorry, but you have to wait until this crisis is over.

    Yes, our hosting provider is located in the United States. The server itself is relatively safe.
    Yes, our LLC is registered in the United States.

    Yes, we will try to fix Miqobot for the upcoming patch.
    Yes, we will keep the project alive for as long as we can.
    However, we are in constant danger and we don’t know what happens next. Please do not ask us about the future, we don’t know.


    We are working to fix Miqobot for Patch 6.08 Maintenance.
    However, there are constant air-raid sirens therefore the progress is very slow.


    Miqobot is fixed for Patch 6.08 Maintenance!

    Please restart your Miqobot for the changes to take effect.


    We are making preparations to fix Miqobot for the upcoming Patch 6.1.
    Under normal circumstances, a patch of this magnitude would usually take 3-5 days. But this time it will take longer. Much longer.
    There will be no ETAs posted this time.

    We sincerely apologize to all our users, but this is out of our control.
    Because of the ongoing war our life is in constant danger. The future of Miqobot project remains undefined.


    Regarding Donations

    We do not accept donations.

    We are not a charitable organization. There is no legal mechanism for us to accept donations. The only way we can receive money is by selling our services.
    Please do not ask us about donation channels, they do not exist.

    At the same time, please do not buy Miqobot subscription if you do not need it.
    We would prefer to avoid getting paid out of pity. Miqobot is not a political project.
    Miqobot was born out of love for Final Fantasy XIV and from the desire to make the game a little better. And we would like for it to stay this way.

    If you wish to support Ukraine, there are dedicated channels for this purpose.
    But please keep in mind that there are many fraudulent groups impersonating members of charity organizations. Do not send donations to someone you don’t know and whose true intentions you can not verify.

    In addition, please remember that this war will affect everyone.
    The scale of this crisis will trigger economic disasters all around the world. Rising prices and famine will be just the beginning.
    So please, do not sacrifice your own survival. Do not donate the last of your savings. Think about yourself first.

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