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    i should of been clearer, when i said a revamp i should of said there shoul default profiles whitin the bot of scenario’s / grids that can be semi-afk to get you from 1-25, 25-35, 35-45 etc… in mining, botanist, fishing etc… using scenario’s to teleport you to the new area’s when you hit a certain level in the gathering job, As you can only get the bot to collect single item’s whitin a node it would be a big undertaking at the moment as you would need to create scenario’s to evenly collect multiple item’s from that node,

    When i looked at the grids and presets what the community has kindly uploaded it’s over-whelming that there is soo many profile’s that need to be downloaded just to collect multiple item’s;


    There is 17 profile’s in mining to get from level 1 to level 15, but if you need multiple item’s you need to download all of them which also make’s it a pain to organise in the bot, thats only my 2 cent’s, im in the process on learning scenario editor so i can make a big farming profile for ARR mat’s so people dont have todownload multiple profiles.

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    Its not possible to pick one of each item from every node but its possible to pick Jade from the first node, Zircon from the second node, Shard from the third, and repeat. Which is what this code does assuming youve prepared 3 presets.

    It was the scenario code which i had wrong it was a simple;

    Grid(Mining Jade)

    Split between 3 chapters and the bot started collecting properly, i had spent all night figuring it out and reading the error code’s but i had the code mixed up, i have added;


    on the final chapter which i presume repeats all chapter’s 100x before the bot stop’s?

    This is one of the additional improvements planned under Gathering updates.
    If you wish for it to be implemented sooner, please send your vote by replying to this thread: Voting: Next Feature

    Thank you for your request!

    As much as the gathering bot is confusing it work’s, i would say there need’s to be a revamp of scenario’s and grid’s on the website as too many are outdated and dont work, for new customer’s who dont know much about botting it’s not easy to navigate most setting’s whithin the bot or it’s anoying as most profile’s dont work so you immediatly think the bot is broken, i have botted from the early day’s of GB when they still used a waypoint system so i know my way around bot’s were the average joe will find it a nightmare.

    As i only bought the bot yesterday im still getting used to it so im not going to vote this time around.

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