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    Triple Triad is an alternative way to Chocobo Racing for farming MGP.

    Cards and NPC Database

    Miqobot will suppport all cards in the game, including the Legendary ones and cards obtained from tournaments.

    Miqobot will also possess an integrated knowledge base of all NPCs you can play with, along with their possible deck compositions.

    Triple Triad Solver

    Miqobot will have a built-in Triple Triad AI, which will allow you to play with any NPC. The task of making a deck and selecting the most appropriate cards will be left in your hands. But Miqobot will be able to play with any deck you give her, and she will try her best.

    As for the solver itself, we have several methods as candidates for AI core. We are still not sure which one is the best, so it will require additional testing.

    Additional Scenarios

    With release of Scenario Scripting, it will be possible to combine different methods of MGP together and switch between them, in order to look more like a real player.

    An example of MGP Scenario would be:

    • Spend an hour in Chocobo Racing.
    • Teleport to Mor Dhona and navigate to Indolent Imperial.
    • Play Triple Triad with him for some time.
    • Teleport back to Minion Square and farm Minigames.
    • Take a random AFK rest.
    • Start from the beginning.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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