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    How Fishing Works


    1. Switch your job to Fisher.
    2. Get close to water.
    3. Press Start.

    That’s it 🙂

    Pause Button

    This is a convenient way to temporarily prevent Miqobot from doing anything.
    For example, if you want to reply somebody in chat.



    You can adjust all settings on the fly, so there’s no need to restart the AI.
    Before we go into details, there is one important thing to note – all skills must be present on your hotbar and reachable by keyboard. If there is no specific skill on a hotbar (such as Mooch or Chum), Miqobot will not be able to use it. If you want to know more about how Miqobot handles your hotbar, please proceed to this thread: Keybinds and Icons.

    As they appear in Miqobot:

    1. Mooch – makes Miqobot use Mooch instead of Cast whenever it is active. Mooch becomes available at level 25.
    2. Release – makes Miqobot automatically release all non-HQ fish. Legendary fish is never released, no matter HQ or not. Any star fish is considered legendary, even 1-star. So you will never lose a valuable achievement 🙂
    3. Release HQ – makes Miqobot automatically release all HQ fish. Same here, legendary fish is never released. Release becomes available at level 22.
    4. Collect – makes Miqobot catch the fish as a collectable. In case you forgot to turn Collect buff on, Miqobot will take care of it for you. Collect becomes available at level 50.
    5. Collectability – a threshold to decide whether to keep a collectable fish or discard it. Collectables are not stacked, so if you keep everything as collectable, you’ll clog up your inventory very fast. And since Rowena’s House will not accept fish with low collectability, your inventory will suffer in vain.
      Tip: Do Not Release when you fish for Collectables. Non-HQ does not necessarily mean Low Collectability.
    6. Fish for .. min – a time limit on Fishing AI activity.
      Tip: Please note that this is a restriction imposed by game design, not by Miqobot. In Miqobot, this is just a convenient setting.
      The game will stop you from fishing after about 50 minutes sitting at the same fishing spot (even if you ask Miqobot to fish for 99 minutes). There is a solution in development, which will allow scheduling and automatic switching between fishing spots. It is called Scenario Scripting. If you want to know more, please proceed here: Scenario Scripting.
    7. Stealth at start – makes Miqobot to go into Stealth mode before casting a line.
      Tip: This setting has to be enabled before you press Start button, for obvious reasons. Miqobot will not restart fishing just to switch into Stealth mode (as there may be a fish on the hook for Mooch, active Intuition buff for Legendary fish, and other valuable conditions).

    50+ Skills


    Same rule applies – if you want Miqobot to use them, make sure they are on hotbar and reachable by keyboard.

    1. Chum – makes Miqobot use Chum whenever there’s enough GP. It is best used with lures, as it significantly reduces the amount of time for fish to bite (from ~25 seconds to ~8 seconds). And it’s almost useless with live bait (as it has ~10 seconds on average). Chum becomes available at level 54.
    2. a. Powerful Hook – makes Miqobot use Powerful Hookset.
      b. Precision Hook – makes Miqobot use Precision Hookset.
      These two options are similar, since they both trigger the use of Patience. When either of two Hooksets are enabled, Patience is used automatically. Also, Patience is used only on maximum GP to increase the number of possible Hooksets afterwards. Miqobot will use Powerful Hookset only on medium and large tug, and Precision Hookset only on tiny tug – because otherwise Hooksets would have no effect. If Hookset for the current tug is not enabled, Miqobot will use a simple Hook instead. Thus, you can save GP for the fish you need the most.
      So in short, Miqobot thinks like this:
      – Tiny tug -> Precision Hook enabled and enough GP? -> do Precision Hookset -> otherwise, do Hook
      – Medium/Large tug -> Powerful Hook enabled and enough GP? -> do Powerful Hookset -> otherwise, do Hook
      Powerful Hookset becomes available at level 51, and Precision Hookset at level 56.
    3. Patience II – makes Miqobot use Patience II instead of Patience, when any Hook is enabled. Does not trigger anything if neither Hook is enabled. It works best with Legendary Fish. Patience II becomes available at level 60.
    4. Fish Eyes – makes Miqobot use Fish Eyes whenever there’s enough GP. This skill unlocks certain fish, which is otherwise impossible to catch. Almost all fish coming from folklore books requires this buff. Fish Eyes becomes available at level 57.

    Tip: Do Not use Chum, Hooksets, and Fish Eyes at the same time, because each skill depletes your GP very quickly, and you will end up doing Chum only anyway.

    Ignore Tugs


    This is an extremely useful fishing tool that significantly increases your fishing efficiency and costs nothing. Most fishers don’t even know they have it.
    In a nutshell, animation for ignoring a fish is a lot faster than hooking that fish. So in case you were going to release or throw it away in the first place – why even bother?

    The best example would be Legendary Fishing. Most of the Legends have a large tug, and in most cases they are the only fish with large tug in that specific fishing spot. So you can just ignore all small and medium tugs until a large tug bites. And instead of fishing for the whole hour you would hook your Legend in just 20-30 minutes.
    Another example is farming Blue Scrips. Illuminati Perch in Thalliak River (which is the best collectable fish for Blue Scrips) has a medium tug. But there’s also Hinterlands Perch swimming next to him, which has a large tug. By ignoring all large tugs you effectively save GP for Powerful Hooksets on Illuminati Perches, and thus maximize your income of Blue Scrips.

    1. Small – makes Miqobot ignore all tiny tugs.
    2. Medium – makes Miqobot ignore all medium tugs.
    3. Large – makes Miqobot ignore all large tugs.

    Tip: One important thing. Ignoring a fish costs nothing when you use live bait (since you would lose that bait anyway). But it also increases the chance to lose a lure as well. So if you’re planning a long fishing session, please make sure you take extra lures with you.



    These are just simple esthetic settings. But they are visually appealing, and real players use them very often. So if you want to blend in and look less like a bot – please consider turning them on.
    These settings are not a one-time-push buttons. They work like a state.
    Which means you can try fighting with Miqobot over the rod light. When you turn it off, she will turn it on again 🙂

    1. Sit – makes Miqobot sit while fishing. Requires a Sit emote on your hotbar.
    2. Rod Light – makes Miqobot keep the rod lit while fishing. Requires Cast Light on your hotbar.



    This part is just a simple way to remember your settings and reuse them later.

    The list of actions is simple:

    • Click on a preset: Select and apply all settings.
    • Double-click on a preset: Rename it.
    • New: Create a new preset.
    • Delete: Remove a selected preset.
    • Overwrite: Save current settings to selected preset. It also triggers saving everything to file on disk.

    You can also share your presets with other players. You can read more about it here: Import / Export.

    When you launch Miqobot for the first time, she will create several default presets for you. You are free to replace them with your own, this is just a basic set we recommend to start with.

    1. “leveling” – Just mooch and stealth. Mooch will maximize your EXP income, and stealth will hide you from monsters.
    2. “patience” – Will increase the amount of HQ fish. Recommended for leveling after 51.
    3. “super patience” – Will significantly increase the amount of HQ fish, but will reduce the total fish you get. Recommended for fishing crafting materials and quest tokens. At least 600 GP is recommended.
    4. “chum” – Will increase the amount of fish you get with lures. Recommended for leveling when you don’t want to waste any bait.
    5. “legendary” – Will reduce the amount of time needed to fill a Legend in your Fishing Log. Some Legends will jump into your inventory within first minutes. At least 650 GP is recommended.
    6. “scrips (goblin jig)” – For farming Blue Scrips in Thaliak River. The chance to land an Illuminati Perch with Goblin Jig is not big, but it’s the only possible option when you have no Blue Scrips yet. We recommend to switch to Brute Leeches as soon as possible.
    7. “scrips (brute leech)” – For farming Blue Scrips in Thaliak River. Brute Leeches themselves cost Blue Scrips, but income of Illuminati Perches increases significantly. It is currently the fastest way to farm Blue Scrips with Fishing.
    8. “pterodactylHQ” – For farming Pterodactyls in Diadem. Steel Sky Pirate Spoils as a bonus.
    9. “steel coins” – For farming Steel Sky Pirate Spoils in Diadem. After several weeks of testing we do not recommend using this preset, as the advantage over “pterodactylHQ” is imperceptible, but you get far less Pterodactyls in the end.


    Check out Diadem Fishing in action:

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    Fish Eyes has been added in Miqobot v1.2.4.
    Section about 50+ skills is updated.

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