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    Please find attached my scenario for gathering the Glioaether items required to make each of the craftable items for the Water Otter Fountain Permit for your Island Sanctuary.

    The bot will go to each timed node for MIN/BOT/FSH and gather. For downtime it will gather other items for turn ins for purple gathering scrips.

    **To start the scenario check the in-game clock and sync that with which chapter you start with**
    **If you know anything about navigation points, please change the waymarks positions slightly so if two or more people use this scenario we are not all waiting at the same waymark (which looks suspicious).

    This scenario was made specifically for my set up with my stats.
    You will need high gathering and perception stats (3700+ perc). I personally use Kalamarakia Tiganita HQ as my food.
    You will also need Mayfly’s for the fishing part but the scenario uses the downtime to gather the purple scrip collectable items for turn in so you have enough gathering scrips to purchase your mayfly. **You will have to do the actual turn in manually**
    The scenario has an aetherial reduction stage which takes you back to your estate (change this if needed).
    It has a crafting section, but my exported version has the steps masked out so it will not activate unless you take out the ‘//’ for each line. Using the solver in my opinion is not worth it as you will get much better returns if you craft yourself.

    Used it myself and it works well for me.

    Credit to those others that I used Navigation grids and Gathering rotations from. 🙂

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    Nice Scenario. When you say remove the \\ in the crafting section, do you mean on pg/step 13? Very new to playing around with these. Thanks!

    Also not sure how to set food

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    Nevermind, I figured it out!



    I see you figured it out, but if it wasn’t clear. The crafting section is already using the // to stop miqobot from reading each line. If you want any of the crafting presets to work and start crafting teh expert recipes you would need to remove the //

    For example:
    //Make Water Otter Items
    //2:00pm until 9:45pm
    //#Not recommended to
    //# let solver do this

    //teleport(Estate Hall, 1) <<<—— Removing the // here would make you teleport to your own house or fc house (depending what options you have)
    //aetherialReduct() <<<—— Removing the // here would enable aetherial reduction during this chapter.

    //changeJob(ALC) <<<—— Removing all of the // in this section would change you to Alchemist and expert craft 5 resins
    //setCraftRecipe(Water Otter Fountain Resin)
    //selectSolverPreset(water otter)
    //icon(3, 7)
    //icon(2, 7)

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