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    I thought I would go ahead and post my updated Scenarios and Grids. These changed since I posted last year due to the change in the duty finder (two extra interface movements required).

    What you MUST do for these is open the duty finder, set yourself to go in unsync’d, then expand the dungeons list to show Sohm Al, select it and make sure the OTHER expansions are minimized in the list, then close the duty finder. At this point you fire up the scenario.

    One scenario is just for farming GC seals and that’s it. Another is for farming GC’s and then spending them on prisms. You can look at the scenario and just comment out any item after the one you want (by adding // in front of the line), or change what keys it presses to select something else.

    The grid is a modified one that has been posted before with extra points just to move between the GC turn-in NPC and the vendor.

    Edit: A quick explanation. This uses Miqo’s squadron function once you are already inside the instance, allowing you to complete the dungeon unsync’d. I’ve used this for over 7 months to farm GC’s and items. It’s very useful and I hope you get some use out of it 🙂 You can use the same scenarios with any GC, just change your grid and associated points in the scenarios.

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    Do you have an edit for this for Maelstrom? I’m useless with changing grids, etc…. I just don’t understand it 🙁



    If i wanted to make it malestrom would i just need to change the grid? And does this work if you alt tab or will it break?

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