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    I’m probably missing something very basic here, but i’m getting the “can’t run this mission because of missing roles error. It’s happening because the game is autoselecting the first 3 members of my squadron to run the dungeon with and one of them as well as myself are in the tank role. IS it possible to reorder the squadron listing to get around this? My maunal selections are not saving.


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    Yes, all you have to do is enter the dungeon at least once. The game remembers your choice of squadron members after deployment.
    Please follow our guide from [Beta] Combat thread:

    1. Enter Free Company Barracks.
    2. Open Miqobot -> Switch to Combat tab -> Press “Start”.
    3. Select your party members to meet the role composition requirements.

    Note. The last step is needed only once as the game will remember your choice after deployment. You don’t have to stop Miqobot, just open Squadron Members window and she will patiently wait for you to assemble the party.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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