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    Hi im trying to use the Scenario editor to make a timed synced gathering set up using the repeatchapteruntil command and was wondering if there’s documentation on the margin of error the bot uses for timing. cause it seems if the check is not on time she will not respond and cycle for the whole day until exactly Say (14:00ET). or is there a better way to express the time so if its say after (14:00ET) continue?


    Miqobot always selects the next occurence of the specified time.

    For example, here are two cases of repeatChapterUntil(14:00ET):
    – If the current time is 13:59ET, the chapter will be interrupted in a few seconds.
    – If the current time is 14:01ET, the chapter will keep running for the whole Eorzea day until next 14:00ET.
    There is no margin of error, time comparison is exact.

    Please keep in mind, however, that time is evaluated at the first execution of the function inside the chapter.
    If you put repeatChapterUntil() at the end, you introduce artificial delay equal to the length of the chapter. So for example, if you start the chapter at 13:50ET and there is a delay of additional 00:20ET before the first evaluation of repeatChapterUntil(14:00ET), the actual time at the moment of comparison will become 14:10ET.

    If you wish to avoid this issue, please make sure that repeatChapterUntil() is the first line in the chapter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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