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    okay so lke the title says i would like to rehash a closed post Asking the community: Thoughts on Open World Combat and User Protection

    Arc Hello everyone!

    As you might have noticed, I am currently working as a tentative community manager and I have engaged in a lot of debate with the Miqobot development team. We already discussed a lot of features, divided a lot of work and organized quite a few forum threads.
    First and foremost a word of thanks from me and of course also the Miqobot Dev Team to the community. While working on organizing the gathering grids and scenarios index threads, I have gotten an overview of the amount of work you have put into providing grids, presets and scenarios for Miqobot and I am simply amazed by this community. You’re putting a huge amount of effort into this project and in no other bot community I have seen so much passion for it.


    But let’s end the flattering here and get to business. Currently Miqobot Devs are facing an issue, that has sparked large debates and raised a lot of concerns. It is about our stance on Open World Combat and MSQ/quest support.

    Just for clarification, Open World Combat and MSQ/quest support include the following features:
    – Automated Main Scenario Quest execution
    – Automated Quest execution
    – FATE grind
    – Materials Hunting
    – Eureka Support

    There are several reasons, why these topics raised high concerns with the Miqobot Development Team. These include the following:

    1. With the release of the new expansion Shadowbringers bot activity of other bots has spiked. Reports of countless, soulless Main Scenario farming bots swarming open world areas and impeding other players to complete their MSQ, as well as a huge amount of large multibox armies farming materials have increased severely over the last couple of months.
    Players on Reddit started to share screenshots of these more and more often, banwaves for these have started to increase and the Miqobot Dev Team is also concerned, that our Bot could turn into just another tool, for such soulless behaviour, which it was never intended to, if Open World Combat and MSQ support is released.

    2. With the increased amount of players utilizing Miqobot, more people have reported their bans to the official Miqobot tech-support. Most of these do not engage into discussions here on the forums. Also recently people started asking, if they are entitled to get a refund from Miqobot, if their accounts get banned and this has raised more concerns within the Dev Team.
    If Miqobot keeps releasing features that are susceptible to abuse which leads to bans, more people will get banned and be unsatisfied with Miqobot. Because of this the question was raised, if Miqobot should protect their users from getting bans, by refraining to release such dangerous features.
    In a certain sense it is the same matter as with PvP features. Of course it would be extremely easy for the Dev Team to implement the combat assist and the scenario system for PvP areas. However by doing so, Miqobot would tap into an extremely dangerous territory, where reports from other players are much more likely to happen. Miqobot would also be very likely to become a target of witch hunting, which would eventually destroy the bot, since no one would be able to safely use it anymore.

    To solve these problems, we have come up with 3 different options and neither of these are perfect or completely satisfying:

    Option 1:
    Completely refrain from releasing MSQ support and Open World Content. This would be the safest option for everyone, however we do understand, that it would lead to a lot of disappointment, since we understand that many of you are eagerly waiting for a feature to get rid of that annoying material-farming, FATE currency farming and MSQ grind for alts.

    Option 2:
    Release the aforementioned features in a restricted mode, so they are not available for Multiboxing, but only for single-instance use. This option would still be very safe, if used with the same care as the gathering and the scenario features. However, it might cause a lot of disappointment for people that use Miqobot for multiboxing.
    Also, we currently do not have the means to know, how many people would actually want to utilize these features, since Miqobot does not monitor your activity. We could implement such a feature, however this would be a real problem due to privacy issues and a lot of people would most likely disapprove of such a feature.

    Option 3:
    Release the aforementioned features completely unrestricted and let players who use Miqobot carelessly fall to their own demise. From an individual standpoint this might sound the most interesting, but from a larger community standpoint this would be highly dangerous, due to the concerns we mentioned before. More people would use Miqobot in an unwise fashion, which would result in more people getting bans and getting angry with Miqobot, requesting refunds and ultimately crushing the bot sooner or later.


    With that said, I want to spark discussion in this thread and hear your opinions.
    The Miqobot Dev Team highly values your opinions and the Development often shifts based on your input, so we want to involve you into this difficult matter.

    Also, in case you might have an even better solution for this problem, we would be very grateful for your input, so feel free to give us suggestions.

    However, you should also keep in mind, that the people enganging into discussions here on the forums are just a vocal minority, whereas the majority silently uses the bot without ever engaging into any kind of discussion. We do not want to exclude any opinion from this matter, which is why we will come up with additional means to get community opinions, but nevertheless your input is important, to give us a first impression, what the community’s stance on this matter is.

    Thank you for reading and I’m looking forward to read your opinions.

    Best Regards from the Miqobot Dev Team and me!

    i personaly would like to see this implemented but with certen restrictions for instance

    Automated Quest execution / Automated Main Scenario Quest execution: combine them into one for MSQ/ job quest and i would only make that a level 1-30 to be fair that is the most vexing level range becuse of the grinding and crappy gear / abilitys and with that restriction it will prevent / stop the souless boting that is refered to in the post, those souless botters as they put it use a bot for evreything to save real money and turn a profit if people really want they can just pay SE the $25 for the MSQ skip to 70 so i see no need to go passed level 30 for the job/MSQ quest support.

    Eureka Support: i personally would love that as there is alot of grinding to be done here and it is old content now last time i went to eureka the entire zone was dead save 2 or 3 people still farming it (not including my self)

    FATE grind: i would lock that to specific area’s much like how the goldsaucer games are locked to minion square and i would lock them to norverant locations for said gemstone farming it is useless for anyhting else grand companie seals can be gotten faster and in larger amounts via other means then fates so really only unseful in norverant but honestly this is a low priority in my opinion thies fates are not hard and can be grinded out in a week or 2 depending on how much you play posibly sooner…

    Materials Hunting: is a nice option but i think it is vastly uneeded and would destroy even more of the ingame market boards by flooding them with materials they would quickly lose thier value its sad but i already see people selling stuff for less then if they would just vendor it… smh 🤦‍♂️.

    only reson im rehashing this is becuse the original post is closed so please give your thoughts and options what do you think thies suggestions? do you have some ideas or sugestions of your own? if so please leave them in a reply 😀

    Lastly i would like to thank Arc for his original post in asking us the community our thoughts and takeing the time to explane Miqobot’s devteam’s delema and questions of if they should with us, I have never seen any kind of bot with this type of community or devteam for that matter i doubt that any other bot devteam would have even bothered to ask the question of if they should do it just becuse something can be done dose not mean it should be done as stated in the original post if they release all of it unrestricted it would ultimatly lead to souless botting and final fantasy cracking down even harder on Miqobot so thank you

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    My thoughts on it haven’t changed from when this topic was brought up prior.
    Bots live and die by their ability to hide in plain sight.

    Automated Quest execution / Automated Main Scenario Quest execution:
    Bots live and die by their ability to hide in plain sight. Nothing screams “bot” better than static routines.

    Eureka Support:
    This one even more so with the “hiding in plain sight” except now instead of an open world where you might be seen, now you’re in a instance with people and very visible.

    FATE grind:
    See the previous two answers.

    Materials Hunting:
    See the previous three answers.

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    Just throwing this out for FATE grinding, the already-released combat assistance feature means you only really need to move around and target enemies. Use a keybind to target the nearest/attacking enemy and you can just hit that every second or so and let Miqo do the fighting. I have “target nearest enemy” bound to mouse 5, so I can just hold RMB, use my mouse to turn, WASD to move, and keep tapping m5 to keep a target up; Miqo will handle using my skills for me and most FATEs are pretty well trivialised.



    I honestly dont care at all about automating MSQ. I feel that defeats the purpose of playing a game. Bots should be only for the tedious work otherwise you would get no enjoyment from the game.

    That said, i think a fully automated fate support would be great as i HATE fate grinds and with the new relic needing heavensward fates its become even more tedious.

    I dont mind the restriction of only 1 instance of miqobot being able to do the open world stuff but i believe msq Should not be implemented.

    As for being more exposed in open world, fate farming would be as exposed as mat gathering and that’s already implemented. and for people who would cry for a refund because they got banned well tough on them. Anyone botting should always be aware they can be banned at any time. it is the risk we choose to have the convenience of not having to do tedious work.

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