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    so it is understandable that the levels would be more difficult to map, however is there a possibility that we can map and or record combat scenarios for boss fights for all of the potd? I am really good at it and going to get necro soon, but the boss fights are the only thing that are not rng and are scripted.


    Also this is my first post so let me know if this is ok?

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    It’s unlikely that this will happen soon or ever.

    While the fights themselves are scripted on the surface, the circumstances you are in are not.
    The job you are on, the pomanders you have, the pomanders which might still be active (strength/steel/transformations), pomanders you want to save for the next set, the amount or lack of potions, crits which might or might not happen, the time left etc.
    Especially the floor 180 boss would be hell to automate.
    And of course – currently there is no option to combine combat assist with the scenario engine with only one instance (no idea if possible with multiple).

    Even if those things would be ignored, it would require a ton of work to reliably map out boss fights for each floor (especially on 100+) even if you optimize it just for one class – be it doing it yourself with a scenario or if miqo devs would try to include it into the bot.
    First you need to get to the boss to even start doing some work, each mistake you want to correct needs you to clear the entire thing up to this boss again and you are under massive time pressure. If you consider multiple or all jobs that is even more time. Floor 180 would take even longer and especially for this floor you need to get there with every job multiple times to test it out.

    And the benefit of it is nearly zero for all this effort, if you know the fight and the combat assist feature for your job, you can still use the bot to help you out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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