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    Is Miqobot Technically Safe

    Miqobot is as safe as it’s possible to be safe in the world of bots.

    In terms of technical safety, there are two types of bots:

    1. Intrusive.
    2. Non-intrusive.

    Miqobot does not use intrusive techniques.
    No code injections, no memory writing, no hooks, nothing that would reveal her presence. Just plain data-reading and keypresses. The code of the game stays completely unmodified at all times.

    Everything Miqobot is capable of is based on a combination of complex artificial intelligence and advanced WinAPI techniques.

    We are constantly improving Miqobot’s AI and trying to make her look as human as possible.
    If you have any bright ideas, please share your opinion at Discussion forum 🙂

    Is Miqobot Socially Safe

    No bot in existence can be socially safe.

    If another player suspects you in illicit activity, regardless of the reason he came to this conclusion, he may file a report against you. This will trigger an investigation and if strong evidence of illicit activity is found (such as discussion of third party tools in game chat, or inability to comply with certain requests), it may result in temporary account suspension.

    Please note that any player can file a report, even if he doesn’t have any proof at hand.

    However, if no evident proof of illicit activity is found, a counter claim may be automatically filed against the player who filed the initial report.
    Filing a report out of malicious intent is considered harassment and is equally against game rules. In this case the player who filed the report may receive a warning or an account suspension, depending on previous history of player’s actions and received warnings.


    These recommendations will help you avoid unnecessary stress during gameplay.

    1. Do not discuss usage of any third party tools in the game chat.
      Even with the closest friends.
      Even if these tools are not related to botting.
    1. Do not leave Miqobot unattended for an extended period of time.
      Especially in times and areas of high player congestion.
    1. Switch between different zones and activities when possible.
      We recommend getting familiar with our Scenario Engine, as it was designed exactly for this purpose.

    Help section has been updated with recommendations.
    We kindly ask every Miqobot community member to carefully review and memorize these recommendations.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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