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    What Licenses Are

    A license code is your personal unique code which is bound to your registration email. It’s a verification ID of your subscription.

    When you subscribe for the first time, you receive a license code by email. Please keep it in a safe place.
    License codes are purchased per month, and you can Renew them for as many months as you want.


    Catnip is what makes Miqobot tick. Without catnip she becomes lazy and makes a lot of mistakes.
    So make sure you feed her well 🙂


    • Buy Catnip – This button takes you directly to our website where you can Buy or Renew your subscription.
    • Catnip License – Input your license code here.
    • Save – Enable this option if you want Miqobot to remember your code. This will encrypt your code in catnip.license file, so Miqobot will not accidentally return to trial mode.
      Note: Encrypted catnip.license can Not be shared between computers as encryption method varies per PC. If you want to use the same license on multiple computers, you have to enter your code manually on each of them.
    • Ok – If there are no mistakes, Miqobot will successfully download catnip and become happy for the whole month 🙂

    How To Subscribe


    1. Go to our website.
    2. Press Buy.
    3. Follow instructions on your screen.

    After payment is verified, you will receive a license code by email.

    How To Renew


    1. Go to our website.
    2. Press Renew.
    3. Follow instructions on your screen.

    Tip: You can verify the expiration date of your license by simply typing your email.

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