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    As always, with a patch miqo will break for a while, but as it seems some things are changing a lot, I was wondering how this would be dealt with. Crafting and gathering are getting a big change, and this likely will take more time to fix than usual. But will this mean all features will be unavailable for a longer period? Or will features that are easier to fix be restored first, to allow access to users?


    The upgrade process for Patch 5.2 will be the same as for every patch.

    First we focus on bringing Miqobot back to life in its original state, disregarding the new content. Some features will inevitably be downgraded, but this will not delay the basic Miqobot hotfix.
    This step usually takes a few days.

    After that, we implement the necessary adjustments and new mechanics in order to make features compatible with Patch 5.2 content.
    This step does not have an ETA.

    Updates will be posted in the main status thread: Shadowbringers – Miqobot Status

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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